Checking citations takes hours.
With recite it takes seconds.

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Reference checking made easy

What does recite do?

Very simply, Recite checks that your in text citations match the reference list at the end of your work.

First, Recite checks that the authors and dates in the body of your work match up with the references at the end. Then Recite tells you where it finds errors.

Recite also checks for a growing list of stylistic errors related to referencing.

Explore a demo paper that shows what Recite can do.

Who is recite for?

Anyone who writes academic essays, articles or books that contain references.

Recite is optimised for those who use APA or Harvard referencing styles.

Recite may be of most use to those who don't use reference management software like Endnote or RefWorks. But even if you do use them, try Recite and let us know what you find.

What do our users say about recite?

I could NOT have completed my doctorate without Reciteworks! This tool SAVED me so much work and time and is well worth the money. I wish I had it available when I was completing my Masters program. I teach/precept students and I am advising ALL my students about Recite and strongly encourage them to use it. Recite is an exceptional program designed for the success of the student. Dr. Holly Jastak, Doctoral graduate, Grand Canyon University
Recite is a writing detective service I depend on. The results from Recite tell me quickly whether the cites and references in a student's dissertation "keep their story straight". Recite's cross-checking not only saves me hours but also gives students a detailed tool to improve their work. Win-win! Charlotte A. Redden, PhD, School of Public Service and Education, Capella University
I have used Recite for a while now and really don't know how I managed without it. As an academic editor, checking references is a big, slightly tedious part of my job. I have never minded doing it, but Recite does it so much faster, and frees me up to concentrate on the writing. It's really simple to use, but if you have any issues, staff are really responsive, and will even share some tips for getting more out of it. I started using it while it was in beta, and free, but was genuinely happy to start paying for it when it went to subscription. Hilary van Uden, Academic Editor
My ReciteWorks subscription continues to be the best $ I spend every month. I upload a manuscript, and it creates a report of mismatches between references and in-text citations. I haven't done the math, but I think it saves me approximately a million hours of work a month. (view tweet)

I am a ReciteWorks evangelist. I used it when it was free in Beta and now pay for it because it's amazing. Jaclyn A. Siegel, PhD (she/her), Postdoctoral research scholar, San Diego State University
The last time I commented here, I raved. Today, I don't know what to say. I am an editor and am working on a document from hell. Sorry, no other way to put it. Without Reciteworks, I would be checking into next year! Anonymous User
This is by far the most effective tool I have seen that can help highlight many protocol deficiencies appearing in academic papers. Dr. Robert M. Banasik, MBA, DBA, Contributing Faculty, School of Management and Technology, Walden University

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