Recite Help: Getting Started

Getting Started with Recite is incredibly simple

Logging in

From the Recite homepage you're presented with an option to "login safely with Google", shown below.

Recite login and demo options

Recite uses your Google account for authentication, so that you don't have to create a separate account. You can use any Google account you like, or even create a totally separate one to use just for access to Recite. If you don't have a Google account, you can make an existing email address a Google account , or create one with a new email . When we authenticate you via Google, we request the bare minimum of details; just your name and email address. When you click to login, and select (or sign-in to) the Google account you want to use, you may be asked to confirm that you're happy to share your name and email address with Recite (4cite Labs Ltd), which you need to accept.

Uploading a document

Once logged in, you'll see a large "check now" button.

Button with text: check now

When you click "check now", you're presented with two options to upload your work.

  1. Upload - this allows you to upload your document in a variety of formats (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .pages) *
  2. Paste - this allows you to paste in the text to check directly - handy if Recite doesn't support the file type your document is saved in

Buttons with upload and paste options, along with a citation style drop-down

* Users on our free plan are limited to .docx and .txt only

Below the upload and paste buttons, you'll see a drop-down box labelled "Check as", which enables you to select the reference style of the work you're uploading. These options include -

  1. APA (7th) [default]
  2. APA (6th)
  3. Harvard

The first two options are the latest versions of APA style, which have the deepest support, providing the richest experience. If your document is targeting a version of the Harvard referencing style, select the Harvard option. Recite's support for Harvard is less thorough, but you should still get some really worthwhile feedback.

Once you've selected the appropriate reference style, simply press the "Check" button to continue.

Your results will look something like this -

Recite results page