Free Vs Paid - Why should I pay?


After a lengthy beta period, which attracted almost 70,000 registrations and checked more than 700,000 documents, Recite now offers two tiers of service.

In order that we can continue to make Recite even better, and continue to add new features, we need the investment that our paid tier facilitates. We appreciate that not everyone can afford to pay and therefore we're extremely keen on continuing to offer a very useful product for free. If you can afford to upgrade and remove the limitations though, we'd really appreciate your support.

Free plan

Our free tier is ideal for undergraduate students or anyone else writing shorter essays. For shorter pieces (fewer than 2,500 words and fewer than 50 references) our service is more or less unchanged from our beta. For those writing longer works, Recite will still work, but will only give feedback on the first 2,500 words and 50 references. We also limit uploads on our free tier to 2 per day.

In summary, Recite:

Paid plans

As mentioned above, our paid tier allows us to invest in the further development of Recite. We have many more features we'd like to add and areas we'd like to improve further.

With our paid tier the limitations mentioned above are all removed, with the only restriction being a 50MB upload limit. On this plan you can upload lengthy documents, as often as you like, in a wide variety of formats.

In summary, Recite:

Additional paid plan features